Who me??

Antigua, West Indies. Above Freeman's Bay and Nelson's Dockyard 2009

Antigua, West Indies. Above Freeman’s Bay and Nelson’s Dockyard 2009

For a long time I have tried to define myself….. Put a label on who or what I am. I surf, am I surfer? I sail, am I sailor? I dive, am I a diver? I am a lifeguard, am I Mitch Buchanan (okay, maybe not…)? Just recently, at 31 I realised I am non and all of those things. I am, I guess, what is known as a waterman. My passion is the ocean, it doesn’t really matter what I am doing as long as I am in, on or under it!

I have tried to abandon her, getting ”real jobs” like working in an office and trying to take over the family business….error there. I even joined the army for a time, some of which I loved but I felt I was losing my soul. The closest I have come to a career away from the sea was 5 years working as an emergency response coordinator for the Spanish Red Cross. Even this last job was very much linked to the ocean. All of those aside I have devoted my life to sailing as a profession and have worked in Australia, the Mediterranean, Canary Islands and Caribbean. In 2009 I finally fulfilled a dream by sailing across the Atlantic from Las Palmas to St. Lucia, 2800 nautical miles and smiles. Now I can’t wait to do it again.

So that’s me, pretty much. I can’t think of a better place to be than here right now, tomorrow I don’t know where I’ll be but that’s great. It is the unknown of tomorrow that motivates me even more to go to sleep tonight.


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