Japan at it again……

I am not an idealist, I am aware that if we want to live as we do there will always be some collateral. After spending 5 years working for the Red Cross I have learnt that it just isn’t possible to have a perfect world. That does not mean that we shouldn’t do everything in our power to protect out planet. Let’s face it, even if we all did everything we could we would still be contaminating.

But there are some things that are just wrong, acts that defy belief and ones that go un-punished. One of this is Japan’s continuous ”Research” expeditions to hunt whales. International agreements allow them to fulfill a quota every year under the banner of ”research”. Funnily enough the meat is then sold and consumed, isn’t that ironic? If this where some developing nation the world would be up in arms but as it is a wealthy country it is all ignored except for the few countries who do face up.

Sea Shepherd do amazing work, often at great personal risk. If you get chance to support them then do so.


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